Dusty's dog house

Dusty's dog house

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Dusty's dog house: An interview with the guy who designed the new look for Fayetteville

Wednesday, March 27, 2008

I went over to the old Fayetteville Post Office Building earlier this week and asked around for some ideas on what the city might do to spruce up the downtown area, which has been in need of a makeover.

What was one of the first things they did was knock down the old building and replace it with a glass building, which has done a lot to help the look of downtown.

But the City of Fayetteville has also invested a lot of money in the downtown area over the last few years.

The main reason for the changes, however, was the city’s attempt to attract businesses, and to help make the area more appealing to tourists.

And the city had to start somewhere.

Downtown Fayetteville wasn’t exactly booming in the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s.

Many of the businesses that were downtown at that time are gone, or in some cases, in the process of being rebuilt.

I asked several people what they thought the city should do to help change the downtown area’s appearance.

And I got many different ideas.

One of the first was to create a downtown park.

The problem with that idea was that, at that point in time, the city didn’t have a park downtown.

A second idea was to replace the current City Market building with a shopping center, which would have included an anchor store.

The problem with that was that the market building had been in business for almost a century.

And what city officials did do was bring in some outside help.

The city hired a consultant to come in and help develop a plan to attract more businesses to downtown Fayetteville.

And I had the opportunity to interview him earlier this week.

His name is Michael Boggs, and he is the director of urban planning at Pulte Homes, which is a homebuilder based in North Carolina.

The city hired him to come in and do some consulting on the downtown area, and the first project he suggested was to change the look of the downtown area.

But not the City Market building.

The city liked the idea of a park downtown, but wanted to build it on the south side of the railroad tracks.

Boggs and his team recommended a park near downtown.

But the city council didn’t agree.

They wanted to build the park on the south side of the railroad tracks because they wanted to attract more businesses to that part of the city.

And so the city council approved an ordinance to tear down the old City Market Building and replace it with a new downtown park.

After several delays, however, construction has begun on the new park.

I asked Boggs to take us on a virtual tour of the project.

Downtown Fayetteville’s new downtown park is now under construction, and the construction site has been a busy place for a lot of people.

Boggs said that for the past couple of weeks, most of the work at the site has been under the supervision of the project manager, who is the person who actually oversees the construction of the project.

The park is being built on top of a parking garage that was built for the old post office building, which is being demolished.

But there’s no room inside the parking garage for the park to be built.

So, workers had to tear down the garage, and then build the park inside of it.

They did, however, leave a couple of entrances to the parking garage for people to drive into the parking garage to get into the park.

And when I asked Boggs to point out the entrance to the parking garage, he pointed to the left of the image.

Boggs said that the first thing that will be built at the park is a pavilion.

There will be a sidewalk leading up to the pavilion, and then there will be a gazebo and a seating area at the pavilion.

The city is currently building a small playground for kids to play on in the park, as well.

When the pavilion is finished, the city is planning to build a concession stand.

That should be open to the public by the end of the year.

One of the things that the city is really proud of about the new downtown park is that it is going to feature a water feature.

A fountain is going to be in the middle of the park, and there is also going to be a stream going through the park, that will have fish in it.

So, kids will be able to go to the park and fish for fish, or even have an aquarium at the park.

But the fountain, the park, and the streams will not be finished until early 2009, at the earliest.

That’s because the city is still looking for a contractor to take care of that project, and they haven’t been able to find a contractor who is willing to wait.

The first phase of the park project is set to be finished by the end of the year.

In that first phase, the park will have a playground, a pavilion, and a stream with fish in it.

And the

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