Hangover tomcat is the oracle for the 2018 World Cup

Hangover tomcat is the oracle for the 2018 World Cup

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No soccer World Cup without an official animal oracle. At this year's tournament in Russia this is the deaf cat Achilles.

Achilles lives with around 50 other cats in the Hermitage Palace complex in St. Petersburg. The cat should make his predictions for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Before the matches, the velvet paw must choose between two food bowls, which are marked with the national flags of the respective teams.

The World Cup oracle Achilles qualified with correct predictions at the Confederations Cup 2017. His role model is octopus Paul from Oberhausen. The octopus became famous at the 2010 World Cup and predicted the correct result at all Germany games and the final.

Tomorrow Achilles does not have quite a good rate. As a World Cup oracle, he still has to prove himself. However, one thing is certain: Since the fur nose is deaf, the hustle and bustle of what is probably the most important sporting event of the year should not quickly upset her.

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