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Labradors free toddler from their room - for treats

Labradors free toddler from their room - for treats

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Cuffed like! If breakfast is not available for breakfast, then the Labradors Bleu and Colby know what to do: They get help from their owners' toddler, as a viral video shows.

Parents in Phoenix, Arizona were amazed when they found their old daughter Chloe in the hallway in the morning. The reason for her irritation: her offspring is just 15 months old and does not even come to the doorknob. But how did Chloe get out of her room? The answer to this mysterious riddle is provided by a surveillance video, which reveals animals.

A camera captured how Bleu and Colby, the family's two labradors, opened the door to the toddler's room. The dogs woke the one-year-old, and not entirely unselfishly: The four-legged friends lured Chloe out of the room and showed her the way to the treats.

The fur noses are used to eating on time for breakfast. "If they haven't been fed at 6:00 am, then they are definitely looking for them," says Chris, the owner of the "Bored Panda" portal. The 15 month old Chloe and the two Labradors are a heart and a soul. In addition, as far as treats are concerned, the little one is much more generous than her parents. At least that explains a lot.

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