Crying crocodile tears: hypocritical expression

Crying crocodile tears: hypocritical expression

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The common expression "cry crocodile tears" describes the general understanding that someone only pretends sadness and dismay, even hypocritical. Even while the person is behaving anything but correctly at the same time. But how do crocodiles get this dubious honor? Crying crocodile tears: hypocritical expression - Image: Shutterstock / alexnika

"Man, now he's crying crocodile tears again" - most people can do something with this saying. Simply put, it means a form of hypocrisy. The origin of the saying is as follows: crocodiles do indeed cry from time to time. That is when they are enjoying their meal. The crocodile tears do not roll out of compassion.

Crocodiles press the lacrimal gland while eating

The tears are a special secretion, the exact origin of which has not yet been fully resolved by science. However, it is suspected that the tears arise through the opening of the mouth and thus pressure is exerted on the lacrimal gland. But one thing is certain, the crocodiles are not really sad when they fill their bellies.

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