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Cooking cat food yourself: Delicious with poultry

Cooking cat food yourself: Delicious with poultry

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With poultry, the meal for your velvet paw is guaranteed to succeed. If you want to cook cat food yourself, try these recipes. Your cat is guaranteed to look forward to the following four recipe suggestions. Delicious recipes for cat food can be cooked with poultry - Image: Shutterstock / Master L

Turkey, chicken and Co. are a great base if you want to cook cat food yourself. Poultry can be used to implement many delicious recipes for your house tiger. Basically, you should always make sure that you feed high-quality, perfect meat. As soon as you doubt the quality and the poultry meat smells strange, for example, it should immediately go to the trash.

1. Turkey sliced ​​for the Miez

A good idea is sliced ​​turkey: Use a turkey escalope - a piece weighing around 100 to 150 grams is best - fry it and cut it into small pieces. Mix in some boiled rice and stir in two more tablespoons of crème fraîche.

2. Turkey with oatmeal and carrot porridge

But there are other tasty recipes with poultry if you want to cook cat food yourself. In terms of the Barf diet, you can also feed raw meat, for example. For such a meal, take about 200 grams of raw turkey meat and add two teaspoons of oatmeal soaked in water. Three tablespoons of carrot porridge and 20 grams of turkey liver provide that certain something special for your velvet paw.

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3. Cook your cat food yourself: chicken breast

You can also cook cat food yourself with chicken. For example, take 100 grams of chicken breast and two eggs. Cook the meat and cook the eggs. Then cut both into small pieces and mix some yogurt into them. Mix everything until you get a mushy consistency that your velvet paw is guaranteed to taste good.

4. Chicken hearts with rice

Many cats are also happy about offal. For example, you can fry 200 grams of chopped chicken hearts and serve with some soft-boiled rice. Depending on the taste of your kitty, you can still refine it with cream cheese.