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Getting young kittens house-trained: tips and tricks

Getting young kittens house-trained: tips and tricks

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If your family expands with a small velvet paw, one thing is on the program: getting the young kitten house-trained. Usually, puppies learn this from their mother, but when they move to a new home, some of the tiny ones need a little extra tuition. There are a few simple tips and tricks for this. Image: Shutterstock / Africa Studio

The top priority when it comes to house-kittens is patience. Don't push your velvet paw to anything and give it the time it needs. In most cases, a few simple tricks will help, as you can read below.

Create the dream litter box

In order for your little kitten to be house-trained, you should make your quiet place as comfortable as possible. First of all, offer the kitten only one room and do not place the litter box directly next to the sleeping and feeding area, but also not too far away. Otherwise, kittens get lost on the way to the toilet, panic and the store ends up on your carpet.

Set up multiple litter boxes to make it easier for the kitten. In addition, the toilet should be stable (it must not wobble) and not be too big. The small ball of fur must rise slightly over the edge and be able to see beyond from the inside. Try it out for a while with a flat plastic bowl with litter.

More tips around the litter box

Put your kitty in the litter box not only after eating, but also after sleeping, so that she can get used to it and best do her business there. It is advisable not to remove the residues immediately in the first time so that your cat can orientate itself on the smell. Of course, this does not mean that you should leave the litter box in the dirt. Maybe you can just skip a cleaning and only clean the quiet place half as often as usual. Then your velvet paw understands that it can and may easily drain there.

On the other hand, it is important that you remove cat urine as soon as possible when the young kitty has gone to an unintended place in the apartment - otherwise she may think that it is allowed to leave her business there. You can find more tips in the guide: "Removing the cat urine odor: 4 home remedies for the stench".

Buy the right litter box: from standard to luxury

The right litter box is one of the most important parts of cat equipment. Right here ...

Little tricks to get the kitten house-trained

You can intervene even more actively. Put litter from the breeder or from the animal shelter from which you got the kitten in the new litter box. The familiar smell helps the cat to find out where to relieve himself. Bring the bedding to life. Scratch your fingers in it and let a few grains fly - this arouses your curiosity.

You can also imitate the cat mom. When the little velvet paw has eaten, gently rub it over your stomach with a damp cloth. Like cleaning the mother, this stimulates digestion. Then put the kitten on the toilet. Repeat this procedure a few times and success will come soon.