Timeless fun: ball paradise for cats

Timeless fun: ball paradise for cats

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Balls are not only the cheapest cat toys, but also the ones with the largest fan base. Funny, colorful and fast, they promote the play and hunting instinct of the cat and make you want large romps. We have put together a small selection of popular models. A whole ball or rather wool ball paradise for kittens - Image: Shutterstock / Ewa Studio

Kittens on the ball: cute little sports cannons

For two or alone, chasing, shooting, catching or feeding: balls rarely get boring! If you want to give your cat a little treat, there are many nice options.

1. Play fun with rainbow balls

Playing fun doesn't have to be expensive, as these colorful little balls prove. If they roll over the floor, fun is guaranteed and cozy room tigers also get going. And what is also included with these 4 cm balls: endless fun, because the refill pack ensures that replacements are quickly available when a ball rolls under the sofa or is shot in the garden pond.

2. Against boredom: ball game for your head

This ball toy enchants the cat with three cat-friendly details: It integrates the ball, mouse and catnip scent into a cat toy and invites the tiger to go hunting for the little ball inside with its paws. It is 24 cm tall and is particularly popular with indoor cats who have less variety and hunting opportunities than their peers with free access.

3. Wicker ball with mouse fun: the ball with sound

The "Mouseball" may confuse your guests a little, but your cat will like it all the more: In the chic wicker ball there is a toy mouse hidden that makes a noise when rolling through the built-in sound chip. Who says again that life in the apartment is boring?

4. The "snack ball" for special gaming fun

The snack ball is particularly popular with cats and a secret weapon for less active animals. He not only invites the cat to play, but also rewards the cat for rolling the ball in front of it. Before that, the cat owner fills it with treats, which gradually roll out and encourage the velvet paw to continue playing.