Sheep dogs for sale

Sheep dogs for sale

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Sheep dogs for sale

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A very rare (but still beautiful) example of the sheep dog type we now call American water spaniel. This one has a good, wide, level block to his head, long neck, heavy bone &, musculature, &, fine, tight wrinkles between the eyes, ear &, neck that show he is well suited for the water. He also has very distinct coloration - a chestnut red (or chestnut with darker spots) with a white underpart, &, a very fine brindle coat. There are only a few other of his kind in existence, &, they're all being bought up by collectors. If you are a serious water dog enthusiast, come &, see this one. (See below for more info.)

A most valuable "collector" dog, this handsome youngster will be as much fun to own &, show as a great fishing dog should be. His excellent temperament, superb personality, &, beautiful temperament &, structure all make him very ideal for this application, &, he has an easy going nature. He is not a typical all-rounder though, rather more of a water dog. His coat is medium brown in color &, medium length. His head is good size for the breed. He has light &, dark brown markings. Dark brown marking on face &, eye rims.

Bred in the USA, this male is one of the most attractive dogs for our country, with a great ability for his age &, size. He's a big kid that will make a perfect companion for the next generation of dog owners. He is great for a variety of water applications, and is an excellent example of what our breed was designed to do.

This young man has a good size head, with good width to his body &, back. He has a good wide block &, nice strong legs. His size is about 2 years old &, his temperament is very good. (A note to our friends in France - yes, we are aware of their wonderful French Springer Spaniels).

This handsome guy is only one year old, and has a great size, bone, &, block, &, is one of the most attractive puppies to look at. He has a great personality &, is very quick to please &, trn. We are pretty confident you will be pleased with your choice of this dog, as you will with his temperament.

The reason I'm adding this picture is so you can really see the coat. His coat is very soft to the touch. This coat type is called "Bouledouche" and I personally believe it is the best coat our breed has to offer. It can range from "Sooty Bloke" to the very soft, silky, white, or "Sandy Bloke" coats. There are always shades of this in every color. If you are looking for a very soft coat with color, this is a great option.

This boy has got one of the best personalities of our breed, &, is very quick to please. He is one of the few dogs that is good with kids, good with the elderly, &, will not be the least bit of trouble for anyone. He is a large dog with a great size, &, has a very solid set.

This is a big head, well balanced body, &, nice strong legs. He is well muscled &, he has good bone. He is going to love you &, look forward to seeing you often. His health guarantee comes with every puppy.

He has been socialized since day one &, has lots of energy, which is why we are recommending him to a family with kids.

For more detls please check out my website at

** This puppy is current on his vaccinations &, wormings, along with his 1st worming in his life &, heart worm preventatives, with an additional $100 discount off the purchase price. The puppy is sold to the highest bidder &, no buyers remorse is allowed on this puppy. He will be shipped in a fully insured, temperature controlled shipping crate, and will be kept in a kennel until delivered. The kennel will be the standard dog kennel, or something comparable, to what you would use. We will ship him to the winner when he is 7-8 weeks old &, have picked a day to go pick him up &, take him home. I am doing his vet check ups, worming, shots, dental, and all other necessary for your puppy until it leaves my hands. I will even do his microchipping. I am also going to get you a 1 yr health guarantee for him. We want this to be a 1 time payment. His price is firm, but I do not want him left with a home because he has no health guarantee. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I will be checking my emls most of the time, so please feel free to reach me by eml at [email protected] When you are ready to purchase feel free to call or text me. (512) 939-4333 or (512) 651-4080. This puppy is a limited edition of 8 so make sure you want him in your life before bidding. Please read the following information before bidding, for your safety, and mine.I am the actual seller of this item, not eBay! I have sold thousands of items through eBay for more than a decade. Purchasing this puppy through eBay is like buying a brand new car for $13,000, with all of the fees, taxes, charges, and mntenance that come with it. We do not charge the buyers premium on our dogs. This is a 100% non-refundable purchase. The buyer will pay all the fees, all the taxes, and all the charges for purchasing this puppy, shipping it, and handling the transaction for this puppy from my home in the states. There is no other way to expln this. It is a 100% cash purchase, no checks accepted. As stated in the previous paragraph, this is a limited edition of 8 dogs. I am the only puppy vendor on eBay who does not charge any of these extra fees. When you purchase a puppy from me, it is going to cost you $2500 plus shipping, as the average auction price is more than that price. We ship to every state in the U.S. as well as many countries. We have done this for more than a decade. We charge much less for shipping to Canada, Australia, and every other country in the world, but we do ship to Canada. I ship for between $110 and $120. We send the puppies home that day to the buyer. We do not wt for a check or anything, and we do not ship before receiving payment in full. We have never not had payment, and we will not ship without full payment. We ship puppies from the states only, so for international buyers, please purchase your puppy elsewhere. I have tried to avoid listing dogs in the UK, because they have a higher cost of living. If you are in the UK

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