Caution! It is better not to let the cat drink from a flower pot

Caution! It is better not to let the cat drink from a flower pot

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Cats are creatures of habit and there are many habits - also with regard to drinking behavior. However, if Miez drinks from the flower pot, you should stop it. The irrigation water can be harmful or toxic to your velvet paw. Whether from the saucer or like here in the form of standing water - plant water can make you sick - Shutterstock / littlekop

As a cat owner you may know it: The fresh, clear water from the bowl is strictly ignored and instead your cat drinks stale water from the toilet, the aquarium or the planter or flower vase. This is usually not particularly bad, but can be dangerous for cat health.

Water from the flower pot can be toxic

If your cat drinks from the flower pot, such as when you have watered your flower and the water in the coaster is flowing back as the rest, this can be dangerous for various reasons. If necessary, the fertilizer from irrigation water or plant soil gets into the body with the water via the cat's tongue - there is an acute risk of poisoning. If there is poisoning, you can usually recognize this by symptoms such as drooling, vomiting or convulsions. For more information on how to tell if your cat is poisoned, see the "Poisoning in cats: These symptoms suggest" guide.

Cats can also get sick from the water of plants that are not fertilized, since the flowers secrete substances that are harmful to the cat when they wilt or rot. For the cat household, you should therefore choose flower pots and flower pots without coasters and those in which no water comes out.

Poisoning in the cat: diagnosis and treatment

It's every cat owner's nightmare: their velvet paw has been poisoned. If…

Cats should drink fresh water

It is sometimes difficult for cat owners to see what, when and how much the velvet paw drinks - cats are very creative in drinking from other water sources in the apartment without being noticed. The water level in the bowl does not always provide information about the amount actually drunk. Even if your cat prefers, like many other stale water, you should always offer fresh water. If water stands longer, it can become a bacterial trap. Leftover food, sunlight and the like can make the water bad.

However, if you suspect that your cat is drinking too little, you should have your vet examine it. A lack of fluids can be dangerous and must be avoided. Diseases such as urinary stones and cystitis are usually the result. If your cat suddenly drinks a lot, you should have it checked by your veterinarian. You can read more about this in the guide "Cat suddenly drinks a lot of water: what can be the cause?".