Refugee cat Kunkush is reunited with family

Refugee cat Kunkush is reunited with family

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It is a small glimmer of hope in misfortune and a heartwarming sign of humanity: The white cat Kunkush in the video fled Iraq with her family - a mother and five children -. Together with 100,000 other refugees, they came to the Greek island of Lesbos in November 2015. There Kunkush got scared and ran away - the miez was separated from her family.

Days later, Kunkush was discovered among a group of strays in a small village near the place where the cat lost its family. His favorite people had already moved on and thought they would never see Kunkush again. At first, nobody knew where the pretty fur nose family had gone. The kitty was checked through at the veterinarian and was called slides, after the Greek word for the god Zeus - after all, no one knew who the white loop of fur belonged to and what it is called.

Two months later, a volunteer named Amy took the velvet paw to Berlin to continue looking for Kunkush's favorite people. The Miez was very nice and good on the trip from Greece to Germany. Finally, great news came from Norway in February! Kunkush's family had finally been found! And so the brave cat experienced a new flight and finally arrived in Norway. There she was greeted by an overjoyed family. Tears of joy flowed, Kunkush was hugged and cuddled by his human mom and her children. Now they can start their new life in Norway, says the happy, reunited family. What a heartfelt happy ending!

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