Cute Persian cat: in love with a laptop

Cute Persian cat: in love with a laptop

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"Steer clear of my laptop!" The cat signals in this video. After its owner has positioned the device on the bed, tomcat Cooper is using it as his new pillow - and no one is stealing it ...

When a cat has found a new toy, it is no longer so easy to take away. Kater Cooper is no different: he apparently fell in love with a laptop and doesn't want to share his new achievement with anyone. The velvet paw lies totally relaxed on the keyboard and doesn't want to vacate her extravagant sleeping place.

All attempts by the owner to get his hands on the device fail miserably. "This is my computer!", Cooper seems to want to say and uses his paws to defend his new object of desire. The owner will probably have to hand over the PC to his Persian cat soon. Super funny!

Fluffy, lovely and beautiful: the Persian cat