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Bath time with Simon's Cat

Bath time with Simon's Cat

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In a new episode of Simon's Cat, the famous Internet hangover goes against the will against his will - but with devastating consequences.

Oh no! A bird actually did its business on Simon's Cat. But he doesn't seem to notice that the fur of the house tiger is very dirty. What he does notice, however, is that Herrchen has once again failed to fill the bowls with food.

But something like that too! Maybe it helps to remind him, Simon's Cat thinks. However, his owner only discovers the bird droppings in his fur and that is precisely why the hangover needs to be put into the tub!

Unfortunately, Baden is not at all to Simon's Cat's taste. The velvet paw resists and so a real fight arises between him and his master.

The cat manages to free himself from the grip of his owner - and, well, packs his things. Furious, Simon's Cat seems to be leaving his master. Will he come back?

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