Management system for clinics and pet shops

Management system for clinics and pet shops

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To assist the day-to-day life of veterinarians and pet owners in the pet world, our portal has just launched in its package of advantages the management system for clinics and pet shops, which promises more agility and practicality in the management of companies in the world. segment. Being the only one in the market that comes with an online showcase on the digital platform (which highlights more than one million monthly visits by cat and dog tutors), the package of advantages that the system includes can also help businessmen in the field to conquer and retain customers.

For this, the management system for clinics and pet shops highlights the sending of reminders of baths, grooming and even vaccinations to customers, and although it is a completely online tool, the system is light, and does not require a high-speed internet to be implemented in the establishment for it to work properly. correct and efficient.

Updated in real time, the veterinary management system prevents information from being lost and is responsive and can be accessed through tablets or smartphones, if the entrepreneur does not have access to a computer.

In addition to allowing the system to be accessible to those who purchase it at all hours, it also becomes ideal for industry professionals who work individually, such as veterinarians who serve at home or even pet sitters and dog walkers, who are able to register and manage their appointments and customers using their cell phones.

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Developed by experienced veterinary professionals who have already had contact with all other veterinary management systems available on the market, the new tool solves all the main limitations found in the tools already known, and also serves large enterprises such as hospitals, therapy centers intensive care, surgical centers and pet products stores.

THE management and organization of products in stock they can also be done through the tool, as well as the registration of customers and their pets, including information about the breed, health conditions and the last care or hygiene services provided to the animal.

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