Herding dogs - Breeds with sheepdog instinct

Herding dogs - Breeds with sheepdog instinct

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Much more than man's best friend, since the beginning of his domestication, the dog has also been used as an aid in various activities. Herding dogs, for sure, are part of one of the most well-known and used dog groups in the world.

You herding dogs they are very old, and their races have crossed and changed over the years. Herding activity has been carried out by dogs since humans began to have their flocks and continues to this day. Check out our top 10 herding dogs!

  • Border Collie

Known as the most intelligent dog in the world, the Border Collie is the herding dog most famous and effective there is. Appeared in Great Britain in the 19th century, the breed was specially bred to care for herds, and has reached such great excellence that it is a favorite today. It is a very active dog that needs a lot of exercise, it is also very alert and obedient, very easy to train. The biggest flaw of the Border Collie is not being very friendly with strangers, which makes it an unsuitable dog for an apartment or companion.

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  • Australian Cattle Dog

This breed is very indicated to help in the creation of cattle, because it was created exactly for that purpose, being an extremely resistant and obedient dog, ideal for long periods of work. This breed needs daily physical exercise and is very hyperactive, so it is bad for breeding in small spaces.

  • Puli

At first glance, the appearance of the Puli is very strange, but its rope-shaped fur is ideal for bathing or pond environments, as they form a protective barrier in both winter and summer. Even with a medium size, the Puli is an excellent pastor dog, since he is very obedient and active, and is also very faithful to his owner and what is asked of him. Currently, Puli has been distancing itself from its original function and becoming a companion dog, but taking it for herding can be a great activity to get out of your routine.

  • Shetland Shepherd

One of the most intelligent breeds in the world, the Shetland is a herding dog for excellence. He is active and skillful, with great ease of training. It is also very loud, which makes it also a great watchdog, and not so good for environments that require silence, such as apartments.

  • Kuvasz

Large, beautiful and Hungarian dog, Kuvasz is a helpful worker and very easy to train. It is a large dog, can weigh up to 55kg, and has a preference for cold environments. It is also a guard dog by instinct, serving to take care of the herd in addition to just guiding.

  • Old English Sheepdog

His image is very famous, several characters have already been inspired by the Old English Sheepdog. This breed is originally used for grazing sheep, but currently it has been little used for this purpose. It is an extremely docile and gentle dog, very good with children. When it comes to taking care of herds, he is a great watchdog, much more than just moving around with the sheep.

  • German Shepherd

One of the most famous breeds in the world, but his fame is made as a guard dog or police dog. What not everyone knows is that the German Shepherd's origin is, as his name says, for herding. It is an extremely intelligent and faithful dog, it will obey the owner and feel what he wants whenever he needs it. It is very easy to train and is extremely attentive and resistant, which makes it the perfect dog for long periods of work and with large herds.

  • Rough Collie

As the famous TV character Lassie shows, this breed is passionate about outdoor environments and is very attached to the owner. Its origin is still little known, but it is known that it has always been used for sheep grazing. It is a dog that needs exercise, and because it is sensitive, the ideal is that the exercises are done together with the owner. This exaggerated companionship makes him a good watchdog on trips and long periods of work.

  • Abruzzo shepherd

This breed is little known in Brazil, but it is the most used as pastor dog in Italy. It is a breed suitable for grazing in cold environments and mountains, as it has little tolerance to heat. It is docile, but very independent, which makes it difficult to train. However, even with this stubbornness, grazing is his greatest instinct, which makes him know how to do his job without needing training.

  • Belgian Shepherd

It is a breed that has many physical variations, even though the predominance of the coat is black. The Belgian Shepherd is indicated to have on farms, as he needs space to exercise independently. It is his instinct to both guide the flock and guard it, learning how to live with it as a youngster. It is a docile breed, but it needs training so as not to become aggressive towards strangers.

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