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Raw meat for cats: tips for bartending

Raw meat for cats: tips for bartending

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Barfen is a popular diet not only for dogs, but also for house tigers. But which raw meat is good for cats and how do you keep it fresh? Find out here which meat cats are generally allowed to eat and where you can get frozen meat, for example, if no fresh meat is available directly from the slaughterhouse. "Mmmm, delicious! Fresh, raw meat", this hungry cat thinks - Image: Shutterstock / Master L.

Many representatives of the Barf method see raw meat feeding as the most appropriate form of nutrition for house tigers. You can feed both fresh meat and frozen meat. The frozen meat has the advantage that you can store it in portions in the refrigerator and defrost it as needed. This allows you to better plan your cat's meals and doesn't have to get the meat fresh every day.

What meat can cats eat?

In principle, cats can eat any type of meat, with one exception: raw pork or wild boar meat. The reason: The meat of pigs and wild boars can be contaminated with the Aujeszky virus, which can cause a disease that is fatal to cats and dogs.

Otherwise, you can try everything from poultry to beef to game and lamb. Fish can also come to the table from time to time. However, this should remain an exception because fish does not meet the nutritional needs of cats as well as meat. Heart and muscle meat in particular is suitable for grooming salon lions - because they contain a lot of taurine.

Various prey animals are also offered as frozen meat for cats: mice and rats are very popular - the latter in particular have a high proportion of calcium, which is good for teeth and bones. Fish, chicken, duck, rabbits and the like are also available in frozen form.

Be careful with fresh bones: they should be meaty so that they don't splinter and hurt your cat when they eat.

Cat barking: advantages and disadvantages of raw meat feeding

The barf diet for cats is based on the principle of feeding raw meat - following the example of ...

Where can you buy frozen meat for cats?

You can easily order frozen meat for your cat online. As soon as you want to feed your cat, thaw a portion of frozen meat in a warm water bath for a few minutes. It is only important that the water does not boil - you should in any case feed the meat raw. Because some important nutrients in meat are sensitive to heat and could be destroyed by cooking.

Why raw meat is good for cats

Compared to canned feed, barf is generally considered healthier for cats. The animals should be able to absorb and digest the nutrients better when feeding fresh meat. Conventional cat food often contains flavor enhancers, preservatives and other ingredients that cats do not need. A big advantage of the Barf method is that these unhealthy additives are eliminated.