Ragdoll cat Toby sees snow for the first time

Ragdoll cat Toby sees snow for the first time

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Ragdoll cat Toby and his buddy Timo live together in the Netherlands. In the video, Toby makes his first trip into the snow. Timo, however, prefers to stay indoors where it is warm.

Ragdoll tomcat Toby doesn't seem to like the snow that badly. He initially shakes off his fluffy paws after dipping them in the snow, but otherwise he explores the cold, white, soft stuff with curiosity. When a few flakes fall from the sky, he even tries to catch them. So sweet!

His big cat brother Timo apparently already knows the snow and doesn't like it very much. He prefers to stay in the house at first and when he does come into the garden for a moment, he makes sure that he stays on the edge where there is no snow.

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