Simon's Cat and the nasty vacuum cleaner monster

Simon's Cat and the nasty vacuum cleaner monster

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"Nanu? What's that?" Simon's Cat wonders in the video when he sees a vacuum cleaner standing in the living room. The cat decides to put an end to the mysterious intruder and hops at it hissing and with a hump. But the device remains silent ... somehow scary, says Simon's Cat.

First carefully, then increasingly self-confident, the cheeky fur nose nudges the vacuum cleaner. But then the cat accidentally turns on the device - and is terrified! He takes flight, but cannot let this disgrace sit on him. So he fetches his baseball bat and dives devotedly on the nasty vacuum cleaner monster.

"Phew, that was close!" Thinks Simon's Cat and leans exhausted against the now completely demolished household appliance. Oh, hurt! He did the calculation without the cable, which wraps itself up again at the push of a button. When that happens, the cat is finally satisfied - and he quickly searches for space.

Cat is afraid of vacuum cleaner: what to do?

There is hardly a cat who is not afraid of a vacuum cleaner. A few particularly brave house tigers ...