Collie by the long

Collie by the long

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Collie plug by the long

The Long Hair Collie owes its popularity to the famous dog Lassie, who starred in several films and television series. Lassie's character was created by English writer Eric Knight, who in 1940 published the novel "Lassie returns home". Three years later, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer brought the great story of friendship, love and courage to the screen.


THE Long Haired Collie descends from dogs Collies guardian of flock. These sheepdogs were able to take the cattle to graze, defend them and return them to the corral without the presence of the owner. They had shorter legs and snout than the current Collie and were black and white. Many experts agree that crossing with dogs of the Setter and Borzoi breeds contributed to elongate the legs and muzzle, which provided a leaner silhouette. In 1860 the Collie began to participate in beauty contests and, in 1870, the breed was divided between the Longhair Collie and Collie Shorthair, names in English for Collie de Pelo Longo and Collie de Pelo Curto, respectively.


The Long Hair Collie is a very sensitive, welcoming, gentle, playful and very affectionate dog with children. He is smart and learns quickly, can be easily trained, as long as it is done with care and patience.


The Long Hair Collie has a very harmonious and well proportioned figure. Its head is triangular, with a long snout and almond-shaped eyes. It has small ears with a curved tip forward and a strong neck, covered by a large, long fur collar. The coat is smooth and hard and the undercoat is soft and abundant. Each federation supports some colors, the FCI accepts with sable and white, tricolor and merle blue hair, while the AKC recognizes these three as well as white.

Specific care

Although it may seem, the Long Hair Collie is not a mere ornament, it adapts well to the interior life, but prefers to live in open spaces, where you can exercise and discharge all your energy. This dog needs to be taught from a puppy not to bark, as dogs of this breed tend to be very noisy.

Its beautiful hair requires regular brushing, twice a week is enough. It is recommended to use a bristle brush and always brush in the direction of the hair and on the back.
Teeth also need continuous care, but they can fall out at an early age. It is advisable to brush them frequently and always encourage chewing to keep them healthy.


The Long Hair Collie is, in general, quite healthy, but the breed is prone to suffer eye and skin problems. All puppies under one year old may have elbow dysplasia.

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