Ragdoll tomcat Timo and Toby want to steal cat grass

Ragdoll tomcat Timo and Toby want to steal cat grass

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The two Ragdoll tomes Timo and Toby have it fist-thick behind the puschelo ears. The two have decided to capture the pot of cat grass that is on the windowsill. But the two cheeky faces are not particularly clever ...

Ragdoll tomcat Toby starts. The plush journeyman jumps up from the outside to the open window and then tries to pull himself up on the windowsill. But the attempt fails. Toby's older buddy Timo also tries his luck. After all, he manages to brush a blade of grass with his paw.

Why the two tomcats don't just walk into the living room, hop from there onto the windowsill and then enjoy the cat grass remains unclear. Also why the two tigers want to steal the cat grass - after all, their favorite person put it on the windowsill for them.

One thing is certain: Ragdoll cats Timo and Toby look incredibly cute and funny when they failed to steal cat grass.

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