Get the cat used to the cat flap: this is how the free run training works

Get the cat used to the cat flap: this is how the free run training works

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A cat flap can be a practical purchase so that your room tiger can go outside and back at any time. If your cat is going to use a cat flap for the first time, they may be a little skeptical. Find out how you can help your velvet paw here. Picture: Shutterstock / Henry Steven

If you are not always at home to let the cat in or out, it is advisable to install a cat flap in the door or window. Provided that your free-wheeler accepts them and learns to use them correctly.

Cat flap training: Every beginning is difficult

Every cat reacts differently to a cat flap. While some see them as toys and bravely rush forward, there are also velvet paws that are afraid or simply refuse to use them. This makes cat flap training a challenge.

Therefore, take a lot of time to practice with your free-fall during the habituation phase and do not put pressure on them. Go step by step so as not to overwhelm the animal.

Tip: Ideally, you should start training in mild weather. In winter, most of the velvet paws tend to stay in the apartment. After all, it is warmer and more comfortable there than outside.

Get the cat used to the cat flap: first training steps

1. If the cat flap is installed, first open the flap and fix it - this way the passage remains open. Training with the flap closed could scare the skeptical domestic tiger.

2. Go outside and lure your cat through the hatch, for example, waving your favorite toy back and forth.

3. If the cat reacts and follows you out through the opening, reward it with a treat. If your four-legged friend is stubborn and does not respond to the toy, you can lure him directly with a treat.

4. If this doesn't work at first, don't give up. Leave the cat alone for a while and start exercising again later.

Install the cat flap: useful tips and tricks

If you own a free-range cat, a cat flap is a huge relief. So can…

Training with the cat flap: further steps

If you have successfully completed the first steps several times, you can gradually close the flap of the cat door a little further. Do the same here and lure your cat both outside and inside.

You will see: After a few days, but at the latest after a few weeks, your kitty will have understood the principle and will be happy to use the cat flap.

Please make sure that the cat does not open the flap with the paw first, but rather goes with the head through the "wall", so to speak. Otherwise the animal may get its paw caught in the device.

You can find tips on choosing the right flap in the guide "Finding the right cat flap for your cat".

This video shows what a cat flap training can look like: