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Cat meows at night: why is it doing this and what can help?

Cat meows at night: why is it doing this and what can help?

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Does your cat meow loudly and persistently at night? There can be harmless reasons. But your pet may also be sick and need to go to the vet. How to behave best when your cat cries or cries at night, read here. When the cat cries or meows a lot at night, her favorite people often feel helpless - Shutterstock / Sue McDonald

Especially if the night meow is a new, unusual behavior of your cat, you should take it to the vet as a precaution. If your cat is healthy, the nocturnal mum usually has harmless causes: A cat meows at night when she feels left alone, is insecure, is hungry or bored.

Why do cats meow or cry at night?

If your cat looks perfectly healthy and alert during the day, you usually don't have to worry if she constantly meows, screams or cries at night - apparently for no reason. Then it is quite possible that your fur nose has got used to this peculiarity because it has the desired effect of attracting your attention.

Cats usually have a different daily rhythm than humans and first have to learn to sleep through the night or at least to stay calm. Your cat will then run around the apartment mawning at night or meow at the door at night because it is boring, eating something, wanting to go outside or play.

If the fur nose manages to wake you up by mawning at night and then get food, cuddles or free time, it assumes that this is normal - and always "notifies" at night if it wants something.

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Cat meows all night after moving

A cat also meows at night when it is unsettled. This is the case after a move. Then she lacks the familiar surroundings, the familiar smells and noises - and she feels alone at night when her caregivers are asleep.

A new cat also meows at night when it has to get used to its new home. This is especially true for a baby cat or young cat that was taken out of their family too early. But some adult house tigers are also more anxious than others and take longer to settle in.

Cat howls at night: is she sick or is she missing something?

In addition to psychological reasons such as boredom, insecurity or fear, physical causes can also be considered when cats meow at night.

Possible physical reasons are:

● numbness
● blindness
● pain
● heart disease
● renal failure
● high blood pressure
● overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism)

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Cat meows, screams or howls at night: what to do?

Your kitty cries or shouts at night only out of habit, usually stops when she gets what she wants. In this case it is advisable to stay strong and let your fur nose mumble.

If you consistently ignore her little cat theater, she realizes at some point that it no longer achieves the desired effect. So you can stop her behavior.

tip: Take a look at our guide "When cats play the alarm clock at night: training tips" - there you will find further information.

Cat meows at night from boredom or fear: what helps?

Does your cat meow at night because it is bored or because it is unsettled? Boredom can help if you use your velvet paw during the day and play with it, perhaps bringing a second cat as a companion.

After a move or other life changes, you should give your cat a lot of security and love so that it can get used to the changes more easily.

In our guide "How to calm a nervous cat" you will find further tips on how you can help your velvet paw to calm down again.

tip: If you are sure that your cat is otherwise healthy, you can also try homeopathy or Bach flowers to make the night more relaxed for your pet and you.

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When to the vet with a roaring cat at night?

If you have even the slightest doubt that there is a harmless cause behind your cat's behavior, go to the vet with her. Her cat senses may not work optimally, she may be deaf or blind and accordingly needs help and support in everyday life.

It is also possible that she is seriously ill and needs medication or special feed. If physical causes can be excluded, an anxiety disorder may be responsible for the night meowing. In this case, a cat psychologist can help.