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Cole & Marmalade meet their cat sisters Jugg & Zig Zag

Cole & Marmalade meet their cat sisters Jugg & Zig Zag

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The two famous cat buddies Cole and Marmalade had a family addition a few months ago: their cat sisters Jugg and Zig Zag. After the two kittens had settled in well with their "dad" Chris and their "mom" Jess, they were introduced to their big fur brothers. The following video shows how well it got to know each other

Jess and Chris have been very careful when merging Cole, Marmalade, Jugg and Zig Zag. The most important thing for a socialization of velvet paws to run as smoothly and peacefully as possible is patience and calm. The newcomers should initially stay in their own separate room. Various sprays and preparations with special fragrances can make the process of getting to know you a little more relaxed.

Let the long-established cats sniff the smell of the new fur noses, for example by letting them smell the basket or toys of the new roommates. You can also leave the kittens in their box while the adult cats explore their space. Feed the velvet paws on both sides of the closed room door so that they can smell when eating and link the scent of their strangers with something positive.

Then you can slowly start to open the door a bit and finally completely - but for safety's sake with a grille between the old and new kitties. So they can see, hear and smell, but not yet touch. When the room tigers face each other for the first time, play with all cats and hand out lots of treats. So everyone has fun together and there is a good chance that everyone will become friends.

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