Animals as Christmas presents: please not!

Animals as Christmas presents: please not!

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There are many reasons why animals should not be given away for Christmas. Read here why it is better to make such an important decision after the festive season. Not a good idea: animals as Christmas presents - Image: Shutterstock / dezi

Whoever gives animals away for Christmas often follows a short-circuit action instead of a sensible, long-considered decision. Unfortunately, this is at the expense of the animal - the reasons for this are obvious.

Buying animals: a decision for life

Regardless of whether it is a dog, cat or rabbit: when an animal moves in, it wants to stay with its family for life, be treated appropriately, looked after when it is sick and receive responsible care when its owner is on vacation. In addition, the whole family must agree to the animal moving in, treat it lovingly and educate it properly. Whether all of these requirements are met is usually a decision of several weeks, months or even years and not one that should be taken quickly before Christmas.

Reasons to buy after Christmas

Even if a pet is on a child's wish list, attract the most beautiful ads, or you would like to spend the Christmas party with your new puppy or kitten: please think of the animal for which a Christmas party with candles, guests, Christmas decorations and hustle and bustle means a lot of stress and excitement on his first day in the new home. A new pet should be moved in on a quiet day when the owners can only concentrate on their new protégé. Ideally, take a few days off to help your new animal roommate get used to his new home and build a bond with the pet.

Creative Christmas gifts for dogs

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Get a pet out of the shelter after Christmas

And another reason makes it important and sensible to buy a new pet only after the festive season: after Christmas, the animal shelters are fuller than at any other time and who is still sure that he wants to give a four-legged friend a home, makes one of the shelter residents very happy. There you can also choose your new family member in peace and consider responsibly whether it really suits them. The animal shelter staff usually know their protégés quite well and can advise you which animal best complements your family.

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