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Lion plays "Get the baton"

Lion plays "Get the baton"

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In this video Chris Poole, the "dad" of the two cat buddies Cole and Marmalade, plays "Get the stick" with the lioness Serabie. Usually, the retriever game excites dogs, as Chris explains at the beginning. But that doesn't stop the lioness from running after the thrown stick again and again.

Too sweet how much fun Lioness Serabie has when she fetches her sticks. Nevertheless, Chris prefers to keep a safe distance and stays behind the fence of the enclosure - as cute and playful as the lion lady looks when retrieving it, she is and remains a wild predator. In the end, Serabie takes a break. She skillfully climbs a tree and makes herself comfortable in the branch fork. It doesn't look particularly cozy, but the fur nose seems to like it.

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