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Rabbits and their spoken language: whining, hissing and Co.

Rabbits and their spoken language: whining, hissing and Co.

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Even if rabbits are extremely quiet companions in contrast to many other pets, the rabbits have a spoken language. They usually only use them in certain situations. You can find out what they are here. What would the pretty rabbit want to tell us? - Shutterstock / Rabbitti

Many people think rabbits don't make any noise. Rabbit owners know, however, that the sweet lumpy noses also make noises. Understanding the combination of body and spoken language is particularly useful for better assessing the behavior of these animals and reacting accordingly.

The spoken language in rabbits does not encompass a very large "range of tones", but owners should know them in any case in order to be able to handle the hoppers properly. Each rabbit is of course an individual in itself, which is why not all animals always behave and express the same way.

Spoken language in rabbits

Beeping, growling and hissing - the sweet long ears already have a few tones in store. Rabbits even partially use their teeth to express themselves.

● An easy one teeth grinding mostly reflects the well-being of your rabbit. It may just be scratched and grinds its teeth with relish. Rabbits also do this to rub their teeth, which will grow for life. But listen carefully and also pay attention to the posture: your rabbit grinds its teeth conspicuously and looks tense, which is often not a good sign. It may mean that something is wrong or even indicates your rabbit is in severe pain. These unpleasant teeth noises should be considered a symptom. It is advisable to go to the vet with your rabbit here.

Grumbling or grunting are clear signs for: "I enjoy the situation I am in". Maybe you are petting your rabbit right now? This sound is also used to woo potential rabbit partners. This noise can also be heard more often when suckling. But not every rabbit grumbles. If your little animal doesn't make such noises, it doesn't mean that it doesn't enjoy your pats!

whimper can be heard with some journeyman when they are eating or playing with their own kind. Young animals who want to draw attention to themselves also make quiet beeps for a while.

Rabbits and rabbits: commonality and difference

Colloquially, rabbits and rabbits are often equated, in reality they are ...

Hissing or growling can also the otherwise harmless looking rabbits. If the animals feel harassed or threatened in any way, then there is this clear warning sign. In this case, it is best to quickly take your hand out of the cage, because rabbits can bite if they think it is necessary.

● One shrill tone You will only hear about your rabbit when it is absolutely scared to death. It got a pagan scare. This loud scream may even scare you, it's deafening. In this case, make sure that your rabbit calms down quickly and recovers from the big shock.

Schimpf noise: Can rabbits actually grumble? A clear yes! Many owners hear the following tones in quick succession when, for example, they have to clean the cage and catch their rabbits. The animals are sometimes agitated and scolded.