Animal runabout! Dog mix up soccer game

Animal runabout! Dog mix up soccer game

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He just wants to play! In Georgia, a dog paused a soccer game for around three minutes. The four-legged friend raced onto the field and didn't want to leave so quickly.

Spectators and footballers did not save in the Georgian match Dila against Torpedo Kutaisi: a dog stormed onto the field in the middle of the game.

The fur nose provided an extra break during the soccer game. Because, among other things, she lay down in front of the goalkeeper, obviously asked for one or the other petting unit and conquered the hearts of the spectators with this sugar-sweet action.

The animal guest was not so quickly dissuaded from his plans. For about three minutes, some soccer players and stewards tried to lead the trusting dog off the pitch.

It was only thanks to a diversion that a defender finally managed to get the dog off the field. So the match could go on. By the way, that ended 0-0. So if the soccer players haven't shaken up the game, then at least a playful dog.

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